UAE Citizens Can Demand Employers to Prove Pension Status

General Pension and Social Security Authority has launched a campaign to raise awareness regarding UAE Citizens’ rights to pension and employers’ obligations to register with the GPSSA.

As per the UAE Pension Law, UAE employees have the right to ask the entity they are employed in about the exact registration and monthly payment of contribution status. In the event of non-registration of Emirati employees within the first month of their employment period, they will have the right to submit a complaint to the GPSSA, given that official documents to prove non-registration and contribution of monthly payments are submitted.

On the other hand, employers are required to familiarise themselves with the UAE Pension Law and commit to registering their employees with the GPSSA on time, as the employer’s lack of knowledge of their obligations towards their national employees does not exempt them from legal repercussions

Furthermore, companies that impose disciplinary measures on national employees for reporting non-registration or non-contribution to the GPSSA are considered in breach of the law and violating the inspection process conducted by the Authority.