Dubai Courts has launched Tanfeeth+, a system designed to streamline the execution of judicial orders in civil cases. This system will connect various “government and semi-government departments within Dubai,” with plans to extend the initiative to federal entities.

Tanfeeth+ aims to achieve swift justice, enhance confidence in the judicial system, and improve enforcement efficiency by operating across five key impact pillars: Efficiency and Digitalisation, Speed and Agility, Transparency and Information Sharing, Collaboration with Partners, and Legal Compliance.

Phases of Implementation

The implementation of Tanfeeth+ is divided into two key phases:

Phase One: This initial phase integrates Dubai Courts with the databases of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), banks, Dubai Land Department, Etisalat, and the Dubai Financial Market.

Phase Two: The subsequent phase will focus on linking Dubai Courts with federal departments and other emirates.

Features and Functionality

Tanfeeth+ significantly reduces the steps required to enforce a judgment by allowing judges direct access to data from various government departments. This system enables them to inquire about and seize a person’s assets without the need to approach each entity separately. Information on bank accounts and properties is readily available within the system.

Key functionalities of Tanfeeth+ include:

Issuance of Travel Bans and Arrest Warrants: Judges can issue these orders, which are immediately updated in the Ministry of Interior’s system.

Automatic Cancellation of Procedures: Once a judgment is executed and dues are paid, travel bans and arrest orders are automatically lifted without requiring a separate request.

Asset Sale Notifications: When a property sale is mandated by a judgment, the system issues sale notifications, and proceeds are deposited into the claimant’s virtual account for subsequent transfer to their personal bank account.

Initiatives Under Tanfeeth+

Several initiatives fall under the Tanfeeth+, including:

Digital Writ of Execution Seal: Enables petitioners to initiate execution procedures without visiting service centers.

Disclosure Platform: Allows enforcement judges to directly inquire about and seize respondents’ assets.

Integration with the Ministry of Interior (MOI): Ensures enforcement of arrest orders, travel bans, and asset seizures.

Digital Requests: Automates administrative decisions to optimize execution procedures.

Sale Notification System: Notifies officials about the timely sale of confiscated items.

Automated Cancellation of Enforcement: Automatically lifts seizures once payments are completed.

Automated Disbursement System: Disburses amounts deposited in execution files to the petitioner’s bank account.

Virtual Bank Accounts: Facilitates direct deposits of seized assets into virtual accounts for automatic disbursement.

Tanfeeth+ represents a significant step towards a more efficient, transparent, and responsive judicial system in Dubai, ensuring that civil judgments are executed promptly and effectively, thereby reinforcing the rule of law and enhancing societal trust in the judiciary.