YASIN AL HAMED ADVOCATES AND LEGAL CONSULTANTS is one of the best employment law firms in the UAE that offers services to a broad range of legal issues related to the employment relationship between employers and employees. It includes advising and representing employers and employees in matters such as employment contracts, discrimination and harassment claims, workplace health and safety, wage and hour disputes, employee benefits, workplace investigations, and termination of employment.

Employment Contracts: Our legal team advise employers and employees on the terms and conditions of employment contracts. This may include drafting employment agreements, reviewing and negotiating employment contracts, and advising on legal issues such as non-compete and confidentiality clauses.

Discrimination and Harassment: Our lawyers represent both employers and employees in discrimination and harassment claims. They may advise on employment policies and practices to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and represent clients in disputes related to discrimination or harassment.

Workplace Health and Safety: Our legal team advise employers on complying with workplace health and safety laws and regulations. They may provide guidance on creating and implementing safety policies and procedures, and represent clients in disputes related to workplace safety.

Wage and Hour Disputes: Our legal team represent employers and employees in disputes related to wages and hours worked. They may advise on compliance with wage and hour laws and regulations, and represent clients in disputes related to unpaid wages, overtime pay, and other wage and hour issues.

Employee Benefits: Our team of lawyers advise employers on employee benefit plans, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and stock option plans. we may help employers draft benefit plans, comply with regulations, and represent clients in disputes related to employee benefits.

Workplace Investigations: Our legal team conduct workplace investigations for employers in response to allegations of misconduct or violations of workplace policies. They may also represent employees in investigations conducted by employers.

Termination of Employment: Our lawyers advise employers on the legal requirements for terminating employees, and represent employers and employees in disputes related to termination of employment.

Overall, it is essential to know the laws that regulate Labour and Employment area to maintain positive and productive workplace relations. YASIN AL HAMED can definitely provide you with the best employment legal advice in Dubai and across the UAE. Our credible team of lawyers deliver valuable legal support and guidance to employers and employees alike, ensuring that they operate within a legally compliant framework and that their rights are protected in the workplace.

In addition, we would like to share that we have additional practice areas of law, including arbitration and debt recovery  

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