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UK Courts Ruling to Be Enforced in UAE

On September 13 the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Justice issued a resolution granting UAE courts new powers to acknowledge and enforce orders by English courts under the principle of reciprocity.

The decision covers financial cases and asset division disputes between couples or family members. However, in order for a British court ruling to be enforced in the UAE, it should be final and not in conflict with a UAE court’s prior ruling or goes against UAE’s public order.

What does this decision imply?

For years, people trying to get around rulings imposed against them in other countries, including the UK, used to flee to Dubai to avoid paying their debts, as the UAE would not confiscate money owed in a British civil case ruling due to what was considered a lack of reciprocity between the two countries. Now, as the new resolution is already in effect, it will deny those sentenced in civil cases in the UK from the opportunity to avoid punishment by seeking haven in the UAE.