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The UAE’s new visa rules, which offer many facilities will come into effect on Monday, October 3, 2022.

The Updated Visa System involves streamlined processes, controls, and procedures, in addition to many new residency types that cover a wide array of segments including investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, specialists, high-achieving students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers, frontline workers, and skilled labour in all fields.

The new visa system also allows entry into the country for a variety of purposes with flexible visit periods and easy renewal for up to one year, without a sponsor requirement.

Green Visa

The UAE’s Green visa is a type of residence visa that allows its holders to sponsor themselves for five years, without the need of a UAE national or employer to sponsor their visa. It will be granted to three categories including freelancers/self-employed people, skilled employees, and investors or partners.

Compared to the regular residence visa, the Green visa provides more benefits to family members including getting residence permits easily for spouse, children and first-degree relatives, the ability to sponsor their male children now up to 25 years, with no age limit for unmarried daughters, and children of determination are granted a residence permit regardless of their age. It also allows its holders a flexible grace period of up to six months to stay in the country after the expiry or cancellation of the visa.

Job Exploration Visa

The UAE has also introduced a visa for exploring job opportunities and another visa for exploring investment and business opportunities without the need for a sponsor or host inside the country.

Golden Visa

Golden Visa holders can now enjoy new advantages which include the visa remaining valid regardless of how much time the holder spends outside the UAE removing the limit on the number of sponsored domestic labourers, in addition to enabling family members to stay in the country during the visa’s validity period even after the death of the holder of the golden visa.