Dubai Chambers Launches the Dubai Centre for Family Businesses

Dubai Chambers has launched a special unit dedicated to support family-owned businesses with best practices and alleviate the impact of generational disruptions.

Dubai Centre for Family Business will ensure that family-owned businesses have the right corporate governance, proper succession plan and legal infrastructure which will allow them to manage and promote their business from Dubai.

Local and international family businesses can register with the centre for free, regardless of their size.

The Centre will launch a program to create awareness about the legal infrastructure in UAE to ensure a smooth transition between generations and encourage them to adopt an inclusive family constitution.

The Centre will also launch four legal systems for the governance of these businesses, and establish a centre for settling disputes by means of arbitration and mediation, in addition to developing templates for family business-related documents, such as family charters and succession planning templates.

Furthermore, the Centre will provide advice on procedures to launch family businesses, and propose solutions to challenges and obstacles they face with government and private entities as well as ways to deal with those challenges.

The Dubai Chamber is also launching an independent family dispute centre to hear the cases of businesses registered with the Dubai Centre. It will work with the government and federal departments to meet the legal needs of registered family businesses.