Abu Dhabi Courts adopts a sustainable development approach in all judicial proceedings, beginning with the registration of the case, through remote hearings, to the enforcement of the court decisions and the securing of each litigant’s rights as guaranteed by the laws of the country, so that justice be achieved and the rule of law prevails.

Ministerial Decision No.318 of 2022 on Bank Guarantees and Employee Protection Insurance scheme for private sector workers offers establishments two options, the first is to provide a bank guarantee worth not less than Dh3,000 for each worker, through a bank operating in the country, provided that the guarantee is valid for one year, automatically renewed, and paid at the request of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, without any other restrictions.

The second option entails a 30-month insurance policy, at a value of Dh137.50 for each skilled worker, Dh180 for each low-skilled worker, and Dh250 for each worker paid by high-risk establishments that are not registered with the Wages Protection System (WPS).

The insurance coverage amounts to Dh20,000 and includes the wages of the worker’s last 120 working days, the end-of-service gratuity, the expenses of returning the worker to their home country, and other labour rights and entitlements that the employer fails to meet, on the basis of a decision issued by the competent ministry or the competent labour court.