Property & Real Estate Laws

Our law firm works closely with its clients to identify the best solutions to their real estate concerns by offering them a complete range of legal services as part of our real estate practice. We provide Best legal services for anyone facing rental issues and is qualified to appear before a rent committee to determine rental disputes. Our team has extensive expertise in handling rent cases and applying the law to the benefit of our clients.

Labour & Employment Laws

We offer proficient advice on the labour law and handling issues regarding employment Contracts, employment benefits and other labour related issues. Our clients include a large number of multinationals, government owned entities, local companies and other law firms both locally, regionally and internationally. As we guide our clients through the complex and dynamic employment environment in the region, we aim to provide advice and assistance that is practical, commercially viable and cost effective.

Intellectual Property Consumer Protection & Competition Laws

Our team Yasin Al Hamed Advocates and Legal Consultants in Middle East assures rapid comprehensive and cost effective consultation in the field of intellectual property. We provide legal advice relating to Patent, Trademark and Copyright.

We are able to provide up-to- date practical advice on consumer protection and competition laws applicable throughout the region. Yasin Al Hamed Advocates and Legal Consultants, widely recognized as a key regulatory affairs advisors for various industries, especially pharmaceutical, automotive, food & beverage and other sectors We handling issues such as prohibited monopolies, warranty requirements, after sales service and product recall procedures.

Debt Recovery Services

Yasin Al Hamed Advocates & Legal Consultants experienced team provides collection services to recover outstanding commercial debts anywhere in Middle East. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to outline the best available options to you in an informative and concise manner. We understand that being unable to collect a debt adds financial stress that effects your bottom-line.

Marine Laws

Our marine law team covers commercial and private practice and provides comprehensive legal service to the maritime sector in Middle East U.A.E.

We provide an extensive range of services relating to commerce and navigation on the seas or other navigable waters. It covers a broad spectrum of matters such as the development of legislation, both nationally and internationally; customs and excise regulations; the fishing industry; human rights and employment issues usually relating to the crew; insurance claims; property damage; the implications of stowaways on vessels; pollution; personal injuries; wreck and salvage; piracy; and container and passenger liner matters, etc.

Our practice focuses on practical solutions to ensure the client’s best economic interest.

Banking & Finance Laws

Yasin Al Hamed Advocates & Legal Consultants Our Practice offers our clients comprehensive advice on all aspects of structuring, negotiating and documenting financial transactions. We represent local and international banks and financial institutions advising on both their conventional and Islamic arrangements.

Cyber And Criminal Laws

Our services in cyber law extend across legalities around E-contracts, Cybercrime, Data protection and Privacy.

We also advise clients on legal aspects concerning electronic media, issues pertaining to electronic evidence, domain name disputes, protection and preservation of intellectual property rights in cyber space.

Yasin Al Hamed Advocates and Legal Consultants has a group of experienced criminal lawyers in Dubai and is well-equipped to assist with all types of criminal matters in the country.

From an initial inquiry to a complex criminal matter, every case is treated with the same degree of care and attention to detail. We provide the utmost care in ensuring all clients are advised in a fair and lawful manner.

Insurance and Personal Status Laws

Yasin Al Hamed operates a specialist Insurance Practice that covers the insurance industry, including major regional and international insurers, brokers, third party administrators and reinsurers.

We also offer advice on all types of insurance protection and claims to corporations and individual in a wider range of industries.

Media and Sports Issue Laws

Our lawyers and legal consultants are graceful to manage a range of concerns in the numerous fields of media and sports activities.

We provide specialized sports law advice to Athletes. Public agencies, sports rights-holders, international federations and event management companies etc.

Our legal consultants also provide support across the full spectrum of technology, media and telecommunications matters.

We provide a comprehensive range of legal services throughout the Middle East region, covering all areas relevant to the Sports industry and Media.